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Hands in the Soil

Founded to catalyze capital &  connections for regenerative agriculture, agroforestry transition and resilient food system

We have broken down barriers to make investments in sustainable  agriculture available to all 

Regenerative agroforestry, circular agriculture and food systems not only sequester carbon, but offer sizeable financial, social and environmental returns.

Tokenized investment and asset management


A network for launching, distributing and servicing tokenised funds

Agriland is on an evolutionary journey using a distributed ledger-based network for launching, distributing, trading, and settling collective investment funds. ​

It is uniquely positioned to help the Funds industry transform onto a bespoke, next-gen infrastructure with a transformative commercial model​.

AGL - AGRILAND native utility token 

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AGL holders will participate in governance by voting on the use of farmland and the leasing mechanism as well as the Agriland Committee. Agriland Committee will provide specific services, such as maintaining the vibrancy of the network and adjusting the critical parameters of
AGL holders will also receive all service fees from the tokenized funds as well as revenue from land leasing.


Why tokenized asset and investment management?

Tokenization is rewriting securities issuance through the automation of smart contracts, which create efficiencies, minimize risk and enhance market integrity.

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Operational Efficiency and Cost reduction

Utilizing blockchain technology removes inefficiencies across operations, costly legacy technologies ​ and  middlemen, resulting in reduced settlement time and cost savings for issuance as well as other processes (i.e. repayment, reconciliation)

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Transparency and Compliance

Blockchain technology offers unprecedented transparency, reduces the risk of error, and makes it cheaper and easier to manage complex compliance requirements by programming compliance rules directly into each token while providing a single source of truth that all parties can trust

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Innovation and collaboration

The lack of industry collaboration is holding back the adoption of non-competitive innovation and programmable contracts and shared ledgers can create fractionalized regenerative agriculture farm ventures, liquid revenue share agreements,  and other previously unmanageable offerings

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Improved Liquidity

There is an estimated  trillion locked in agricultural value and trillions in agricultural real estate, but tokenization opens assets up to a global investor pool and provides a way to trade previously illiquid or non-fractionable assets (like farm exploitation and agri-commodities crops)



End-to-end investment life cycle

Agriland connects fund market participants on a distributed ledger-based network that holds a digital representation of assets, cash, and transactions.

Investors, distributors, fund managers and service providers participate on the network allowing them to share the same information on ownership and transactions reducing the layers of intermediation between the investor and the product.




Leading the digital transformation of the fund's industry

Carbon Farming

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